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Woven Wheel Stitch

| This stitch is best for: Floral designs

The woven wheel stitch is a beautiful decorative stitch that can be used to fill circular shapes or create petals and flowers. It is an easy stitch to learn, and once mastered, you can create stunning designs with it.

How to do the Woven Wheel Stitch

  1. Prepare your wheel: You can draw a small circle lightly in pencil to mark the center of your wheel, and a larger circle around it. You can also create spokes (usually 5) radiating from the center of the circle to guide your weaving.
  2. Start the stitch: Bring your needle up from the back of the fabric at the center point where you want your woven wheel to be.
  3. Stitch your spokes: Make a straight stitch along a spoke following the guide line you made ending at the outer edge of your wheel. Bring your needle up from the back of the fabric at the center point of the wheel and repeat the straight stitch for all the spokes in your wheel.
  4. Weaving the thread: Once you’re done with your spokes, begin weaving the needle over and under the straight stitch spokes in an alternating pattern. Be careful not to catch any of the threads with your needle.
  5. Repeat: Continue making weaving your thread over and under the spokes, making sure to keep the tension even. You are done once circle is filled in and you can no longer see any of the spokes showing.
  6. End the stitch: When you have completed the round of weaving around the circle, make your final stitch and bring the needle to the back of the fabric. Tie off your thread and trim the excess.


  • Use different thread colors to create a multi-colored woven wheel.
  • Experiment with varying the length and spacing of the stitches to create different effects.
  • For a more dimensional look, use a thicker thread or add additional rounds of stitching.
  • When weaving above and under the spokes, you can lead with the eye of the needle instead of the tip to avoid catching thread or poking yourself.